The Coach's Desk is a weekly segment that focuses on various themes and topics coaches deal with on a day-to-day basis.

The Scouting Solutions Coaches Guide is the perfect tool for any coach. Use our database of video, activities, and sessions, or start creating your own. Get on board with all of your club coaches and start sharing information with ease. From now on, everyone will be on the same page.

Coaches Guide Features:

  • Video


    Organize your video content online. Whether it is clips from your clubs games or games that inspire your coaching philosophy this is the place to organize and share.

  • Activities


    Create a database of activities that you use to share with your club. Use our database of professional content, customize it, or start from scratch.

  • Sessions


    Create the sessions that set your club apart. Even the volunteer coaches in your club will know what to do.

  • Curriculum


    If you want your club to be organized, this is the tool for you. Create any number of curriculums that can span anywhere from one month to an entire year!

  • Match


    Make sure that all of your coaches are on the same page when starting a game. Create pre and post game reports that you can share online or print and bring to the game.

  • Graphics


    The Scouting Solutions Graphics Builder will soon become your favorite tool to capture your ideas. Create beautiful diagrams with ease, from any computer that has access to the internet.