I quickly learned the coach has the most influence over the outcome of a match during the preparation phase leading up to it. It’s the coach’s job to develop the game plan and it’s the player’s job to execute this game plan.

The number one reason a game plan will not be effective is due to lack of communication. I’ve heard coaches say their players didn’t understand or weren’t able to adjust to the plan when describing a loss. While these are contributing factors they are not the source of the problem they are merely the symptoms. The source of these symptoms is poor communication. Improve communication and you will improve your player’s comprehension and ability to adjust to the game plan

As the coach it is our responsibility to ensure the game plan is not only delivered but also understood by the players. All too often players get their first look at the game plan 30 minutes prior to the match during the team meeting. This is simply not enough time for players to gain a sold understanding which means it is very unlikely they will be able to adjust the game plan if needed.

The Match Prep portion of the Coaches Guide is great for setting up and delivering pre match reports to each of your players and coaches. Set and share the starting lineups, match focus, match notes and different set pieces with everyone on your team. The ability for you and your players to add comments to the match report creates an ongoing dialogue that will get your players thinking about the match days before hand rather than minutes.

After all it’s about putting your team in the best position to succeed and that is what the Coaches Guide helps you do.

Check out the other resources for more information on how the Coaches Guide can help you communicate with your team

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