Graphic Builder

Early on in my coaching career - well before the advent of coaching organizational tools like the Coaches Guide - I had piles upon piles of session diagrams that I jotted down before each training session. In my defense this was the norm at the time. Once the session was over the diagrams ended up in various piles scattered throughout my office. Back then I subscribed to the school of thought that I was too busy to be organized. Of course over time I learned just the opposite to be true.

I’ve spent more time than I care to admit searching through those stacks of papers trying to recall a session I’ve previously put together. Looking for the diagram of an activity I was planning on introducing to the players, only to come up short and end up recreating the diagram from scratch.

I am proud to say this has all changed – The Coaches Guide Graphics Builder allows me to create and store high quality diagrams that are easily retrievable. This program is Internet based, which means all I need, is an Internet connection to access and print off each one of my diagrams! No more stacks of paper, no more aimless searches and best of all thanks to the great modifying capabilities of the Graphics Builder I no longer have to recreate anything from scratch – I just simply change an old diagram with a few clicks and I’m good to go.

Capture your ideas, keep them accessible and stay organized. Whether you have no time, plenty of time, are organized or otherwise, you will welcome the Graphics Builder into your coaching life.

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